Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Creating e-resources

Dear all

Many thanks for your contributions in today's session. As Sharmin said, "I never realised it could be so easy."

Of course, when using technology you need to think about a number of things:

a) The content - is it appropriate? Does it aid learning, etc? How does it fit into the overall lesson?

b) The skills of your learners. Some learners, and teachers, are intimidated by technology. I know when I started an e-teaching course a few months ago, I was worried that my skills were not up to scratch. Learners may need a lot of support with using the technology. If you want them to use mobile devices in the classroom, they may not have a mobile phone or may feel embarrassed by their clunky device.

c) The language used. If the resource uses a lot of jargon, it can be off-putting for learners. In addition, documents may be formatted in a way which makes them difficult for learners to navigate.

d) Availability and performance of the technology. Learners will become very frustrated if it takes a long time to conntect to a particular website. The moral of the story is to always have a contingency plan rather than relying solely on technology.

Well done for creating some fantastic resources - I have included them below and feel free to add to the page if you wish. I take on board your comments that perhaps we should introduce these tools earlier on in the course.

Finally, I'd recommend this book to all those interested in integrating technology. I've tried out a couple of things myself.

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